Philosophy & Goals


          Westwood Baptist Academy’s philosophy is based upon the Word of God. The primary objective and purpose of the school is to train the student in the way of life presented in the Scriptures while giving him a quality education.

          Since the primary reason for the existence of the school is a spiritual ministry, evangelistic efforts are made to bring all students to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ so that the teaching of spiritual truths may have a firm foundation. This is followed by instruction in right thinking, good conduct, and clean living in the light of the principles of God’s Word.

          The child’s education is the responsibility of the parents. We partner with the parents in this cause. Using a traditional approach, the academic program is developed to provide students with the best possible program of studies. We emphasize the mastery of the fundamental blocks of knowledge and stress the acquisition of facts and concepts in the various areas of study, leading to the development and exercise of the powers of reasoning. Methods of teaching proven to be effective are utilized with a constant search for better methods. Realizing the difference in innate ability, we encourage and expect each student to do his best. We believe the traditional system of education builds character and educates the mind. It encourages competition and teaches the value of living under a free enterprise system of government.

          Character training is an important element at Westwood Baptist Academy. We believe that the heart of character training is obedience, which will eventually cultivate an inner self-discipline, and is essential to the emotional, physical, social, and spiritual well-being of the student. The teacher is the authority in the classroom. Discipline is administered firmly but fairly. To obey, to do right, to love God and country, and to always measure one’s attitudes against the principles laid out in the Scriptures, are characteristics we strive to instill in each student, thus equipping him for his role in God’s plan for his life and for his proper place in society. 


Spiritual Goals

  1. To lead students to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and encourage them to develop a relationship with Him.
  2. To help the students develop their identity in Christ as a unique individual created in the image of God (Ps. 139:13-16).
  3. To encourage individual spiritual growth, stability, and leadership.
  4. To assist students in discovering their God-given gifts and to guide them in current application and future academic vocational choices.
  5. To encourage a heart of evangelism within their world. 

Academic Goals

  1. To provide comprehensive and cohesive foundational academics.
  2. To teach students to think critically and reason logically (I Pet. 3:15).
  3. To teach and encourage students to develop life-long study skills and habits
    (II Tim. 2:3-7).
  4. To ensure that Biblical concepts and principals are integrated through all academic disciplines.
  5. To help students develop a Christian world view by integrating life, and all studies, with the Bible (II Pet. 1:3). 

Social Goals

  1. To teach students how to become a contributing member of society and provide opportunities for servant- leadership (Matt. 20:25-28; Gal. 5:13; Romans 2:10).
  2. To teach students to treat everyone with love and respect as unique individuals created in God’s image (Phil. 2:1-4; Eph. 5:21).
  3. To teach students to embrace and practice justice, mercy, and purity in family and society.

Physical Goals

  1. To teach students physical fitness, good health habits, and wise use of the body as the Temple of God (I Cor. 6:19-20).
  2. To provide students with opportunities to train physically through sports and P.E. classes.

Staffing Goals

  1. To ensure that every staff member is a born again, growing, mature Christian that models and clearly teaches God’s truth.
  2. To be loving, firm, and consistent disciplinarians.
  3. To encourage and support continual formal and informal spiritual and professional development of teachers. 

Facility Goals

  1. To be functional, well equipped, orderly, safe, and stimulating.
  2. To be visually pleasing in reflecting the character of a wise and orderly Creator.